The Laramie Daily Boomerang, the estimable rag for which I once worked, has no Monday edition. So this morning I grabbed the only other Wyoming daily available in Laramie, the statewide Casper Star-Tribune.

I was pleased to note that the fire on Casper Mountain that began during our stay last week has been 85 percent contained, and all roads and domiciles are now accessible.

Then I turned to the bottom of the page and got a good, (un)healthy reminder of Wyoming prejudice.

Here’s the lead of a story titled “Unlikely Environmentalists,” lashed together “From staff and wire reports”:

“Gary Amerine doesn’t look like an environmentalist.

“He doesn’t wear Birkenstocks, tie-dye shirts or a peace sign tied around his neck with a length of hemp rope. …”

So that’s what environmentalists look like, is it? As this story appears anonymously it’s hard not to ascribe its childish views to the entire staff of the Star-Tribune; fortunately for them, I know better. I even know a couple of them: but I do not know their management since Lee Enterprises swooped down from Montana and took over operations. Perhaps if I’d been reading the Star-Trib lo these many years I wouldn’t be taken aback by this sort of thing.

Gibbon, mocking prejudice, once said: “I like to detect those who detest in a barbarian what they admire in a Greek.” This little instance captures an unfortunate and widespread mindset in this our least-populated state. It surpasses prejudice, betraying an infantile view such that a child, raised and limited in ignorant conditions, might reflexively expectorate.

And if you detect that I’m calling childish the views of much of this state — painting with the broadest of brushes — you are right. I have enough experience with Wyoming, our nation’s foremost and willingest mineral colony, to make such judgments, and make them with a degree of authority.

Yet there’s hope, always, that this kind of thing is on the way out, the exception now and not the norm. For one thing they have a popular Democratic governor here who is about to be re-elected. In the same newspaper an editorial ran that four times — including once in the headline — used the word “lie” to refer to a GOP ad campaign against Dave Freudenthal.

And that’s a bold, right (left?) thinking act. They need some more of that medicine aound these parts.