Hello everyone. Just a quick line to say we’ve got reams of riveting narrative to report, but the stupid computers here in Fiji’s Internet cafes won’t recognize my flash drive so you’ll have to wait another couple days until we can get it figured out. The problem is that we’ve been bouncing around from place to place, so we haven’t had the time to solve the problem. Also we can’t charge our laptop because of compatibility problems with the power here. Argh.

Anyway, we’re doing great and other than the fact it’s stuck in the Middle Ages, Fiji is a great country. More later … and go Tigers.

Oh, one last thing: The other day, before we left Nacula in the very north of the Yasawas, we had a big poker tournament (organized by yours truly: it was probably the first of its kind in that very remote part of the world) using shells for chips. I, of course, won. And found out that the British, Aussies, Kiwis and Italians don’t like losing to Americans AT ALL. Ha! Get used to it, losers. USA! USA!


Marc (and Lisa, who promises to post very soon)
P.S. We’ll also have photos soon — lots.