Lisa New Year’sWe came out of Canberra – “a good sheep paddock ruined” – and into the Snowies for Christmas, then ambled down into Melbourne for New Year’s, thus completing our 5,000-kilometer drive from Cape Tribulation and our tour of Australia’s eastern seaboard, where most of the country’s population resides.

Melbourne put on a good show for New Year’s Eve, with lots of fireworks and free music by local bands, some of them actually talented. Also the city earned our permanent goodwill by providing free tram and train service for the duration of the evening. We ended up spending not very much money – much less than would have been the case in D.C., at any rate. Though the absence of friends was not forgotten.Wombat Divine

We hope everyone had a great NYE, and that you all have a terrific New Year.

In two days we fly to Perth to get a taste of the West Coast. The temperature there is considerably warmer, something to the effect of 35-38 degrees on average (here, with the rain that’s been following us, it’s been a tolerable 25-30), so we’ve discarded all our warm clothing and are hunkering down (mentally) for a good desert skin-fry. First thing on the agenda: The Southbound Music Festival, headlined by Michael Franti.

We’re going to post some more descriptions of the East Coast in the meantime, abandoning all chronology, to give everyone a sense of how varied our itinerary has been. This is a beautiful place and as far as this blog goes we’ve only scratched the surface.

Melbourne skyline, day