It just occurred to me that we should be uploading some photos with a post title like this … but we’re not, because we’re in a web cafe and it would be a pain. So just a quick update: we’re in Pai, and it is very nice, but very dry, and there are small bush fires all around the town so there’s a constant haze and a smoky barbecue smell to everything. Some of that is due to the actual smoking barbecues they have on the street, cooking up savory meats on sticks and what-have-you, but even so it’s a little smokier than usual here in northern Thailand. We still love it, we just have to love it with a bandanna tied around our faces.

Here’s a link to a riveting account of our adventures in Khao Yai National Park, which we visited with Pat just after leaving Bangkok, now oh-so-many days ago. Weeks, even. Hole in narrative filled. After Pat left us in Vientiane we went up to Luang Prabang and then farther north, where we had some unscripted interaction with local villages that we’re dying to tell you about. Soon.

Hope all is well with everyone and winter is coming to a close … it’s very cool in the evenings here but well into the 30s in the afternoon. Ciao!