… would take a long, long time. Too much time. We’re back in Bangkok now and in a couple days we take the notoriously treacherous road to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to have a long look at Angkor Wat, the king of all Wats. Enough of these Thai Wats, wondrous as they are. Then it’s on to India, and Nepal.

Lao spider. Tasty treat, reportedly

We’ve changed The Itinerary to include a three-week trek in the Himalaya and a couple days in Kathmandu. We planned to spend most of our time in northern India anyway: once again — Trip Theme revisited — escaping the heat by climbing the hills. So why not climb the biggest hills around? No plans to scale Everest, though.

Not yet. But our flashpacker days are apparently over.

Coming soon: a (brief) rundown on Vietnam, and a (briefer) look at slothful days in Chiang Mai and Pai, which, by the way, are on fire.