Spent 3 days in Delhi and now we’re in Agra for the mandatory but no less wonderful Taj Mahal visit. Amazing photos to follow.

Sloth is our only excuse for not finishing off our Tales of Southeast Asia, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. A post on northern Vietnam, and one last one on Angkor, soon.

We’re in Agra until March 26 (our time) and then move on to Jaipur, then Jaisalmer, deep in the northern desert, as close as we’ll get to Pakistan. From there we return to Delhi before going north to Hardiwar and Rishikesh where we’ll spend 10 days or so. All via train, the best way to see this country.

Delhi was fun. We ate well. We stayed in the thick of things in Paharganj, on the border of Old Delhi and New Delhi. The first day I backed out of an ATM kiosk and nearly walked into an elephant. Gaggles of young women keep gesticulating frantically at Lisa, yelling “Hello! Hello!” — maybe because with her Liz Taylor sunglasses and shawl wrapped over her head she looks like a movie star. Angelina Jolie, maybe, on the hunt for another adoptee. And yes, that makes me Brad Pitt.

We’re getting into The Rhythm. More later once we wrap up all the terrific adventures we had east of here.