Hey Folks,

Still posting about India and Nepal for a bit longer but we’ve been in Europe for almost a month. Some of you know that because you were here with us. We started in Germany, visited Flora and Ulli in Trier and Luxembourg, then split up to head to Greece (Lisa) and Amsterdam (Marc). Marc joined Lauren, Luke, Lavinia, John and Kevin in The Netherlands while Lisa met her sister Laura in Athens for some island-hopping. Then the whole crew, plus Rich and Keira, rendezvoused in Crete … Here are some early pictures, courtesy of Kevin.

More photos of white-sand beaches and goats to follow. Team Cretan has disbanded but its spirit lives on, and the two of us are still going strong. We’re headed for Berlin in a few hours where we’ll meet Marc’s brother Andrew and mother and uncle. From feta cheese and wine to sausage and beer! Woo-hoo!