poland-back-on-the-train.jpg poland-deserted-krakow-street.jpg poland-krakow-bell.jpg
Left-right: coming into Krakow in the morning; old town in the early morning; tongue of the church bell at Wawel

poland-krakow-church-birds.jpg poland-krakow-square-birds.jpg
Birds flock around the central square

poland-krakow-wide-view.jpg poland-krakow-through-screen.jpg poland-krakow-wide-view-2.jpg
Three views of Krakow from church tower of Wawel

poland-wawel-dragon.jpg poland-wawel-water-spout-close-up.jpg poland-wawel-water-spouts.jpg poland-steeple-birds.jpg
Sculpture outside Dragon’s Lair, Wawel; water spouts; more birds

poland-statue-on-ivy.jpg poland-marc-and-dragon.jpg poland-krakow-street-lisa.jpg poland-krakow-synagogue.jpg
Statuary; Lisa downtown; synagogue

It’s possible to walk across Krakow without leaving the shade of large trees. Parks are everywhere. The city is covered in birds, mostly pigeons, who swoop wildly around church spires and natter excitedly in the treetops.

poland-nunpacker.jpg poland-krakow-street-shot.jpg poland-wawel.jpg
Nunpacker!; two more views of the city