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Marc and Lisa

5 Responses to “Subscribe to”

  1. joss berrett Says:

    hi guys,
    we ended up on a boat trip with you a few days back….shared a good conversation about Aussie politics and enjoyed your company…anyway, havn’t had time to check out the blog to much yet but i will tomorrow…it’s the best looking one I’ve ever seen….would love to add you to my mailing list, I write a fair bit and love telling people what we’re doing so if you wanna hear about it foward you’re email conatcts! In the mean time it was great meeting you both and I look foward to reading some more on your travels…..
    joss and Yonna…

  2. Marc Says:

    Hey great to hear from you guys … we’ll be in touch! Marc

  3. Wayne Hewlett Says:

    Hi Mark and Lisa,

    I meet you at Angkor Wat and looked for you at the Angkor What Pub. Anyways good web site with good information. Maybe I’ll see you on the road! Enjoy you journey!


  4. Marc Says:

    Sorry we missed you! It was a long day! Safe travels and good luck with your plans!

  5. Wayne Hewlett Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I met you in Cambodia at one of the temples and will be doing the same thing as you guys traveling the world or at least all of South America. We plan on starting in Argentina. Question for you, how did you handle clothing and luggage? Backpack or suitcase? Any tips?
    How about PC? Did you take one or just manage your affairs from internet cafes? I don’t want to take one but want one to manage finances (pay bills remotely), update blogs, download pictures and am not too crazy about the idea of doing this at internet cafes. Comments?

    I would appreciate a response if you have the time. Thanks in advance.


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